Inpro Studio was established in the beginning of 2008 as a design and execution studio. The main objective of our practice is to create valuable spaces for our clients, concerning functionality, aesthetics, financial efficiency and timeline.

       Inpro Studio is a young and dynamic enterprise with extensive project experience, taking a limited number of projects at once in order to provide bespoke design and execution solutions. This ensures our commitment to excellence in design and execution.






   Ilker Bayginer architect.png                 Iulia Dancanet interior designer.png               Paul Balasescu project manager.png               Irina Dragomir architect.png               Alex Scarlat stud. architect.png

              Ilker Bayginer                      Iulia Dancanet                 Paul Balasescu                 Irina Dragomir                 Alex Scarlat    

                Architect                         Interior Designer              Project Manager                  Architect                     stud.Architect